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Amusement Park

Our main concern is your entertainment

Jersey City, New Jersey

+1 444 777 9999

Closed now
Fashion Inc.

Fashion is art!

Montréal, Québec

+1 555 888 9932

Closed now
Flower Shop

One flow for one happy person.

Toronto, Ontario


Professional Photos

We save the special moments for eternity.

Toronto, Ontario


Real Property

We can sell it for you

New York, New York

+1 232 883 9932

Restaurant One

The food taste like never before.

Wolcott, New York

+1 232 883 9932

Tea Shop

Enjoy our best tea for a great day!

Abita Springs, Louisiana


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3 Benefits LLS Provides Lawn Pros

1. Increase Income and Reduce Expenses

Local Lawn Service provides a robust multi-media-channel advertising and marketing system to funnel visitors to the LocalLawnService.com website.

These visitors are actively searching for a lawn care company to take care of their yards. For whatever reason, these visitors are not satisfied with their current lawn service company.

Homeowners and renters will spend 70-80 percent of their time researching on the internet before making a purchase—70-80 percent of their time before they even call you.

The visitors are searching for answers to their questions.

Answers to find the best lawn professional for them.

2. Collect Customer Surveys

As I said, these visitors are actively searching for their next lawn pro.

They want to find the best fit to meet their needs.

They want to know:

- Do you supply the services they need?

- What do your customers say about the quality of your work?

- Are you knowledgeable about your work?

The Local Lawn Service advertising and marketing system surveys to answer the visitor’s questions.

Visitors can evaluate, decide, and contact your company, all from one location.

3. Grow Your Business

The most significant and most meaningful reason to use Local Lawn Service is the way your business grows:

- The actively searching visitors will see the locations where you are working,

- Your new customers will be close to your current customers,

- You’ll be eliminating drive time from the yard to yard,

- You’ll be eliminating equipment loading and unloading time for every new yard,

- You will be able to cut more yards in less time

- You will increase your income at the same time you are reducing labor and truck fuel expenses.

The standard lawn service model of mow, edge, trim, blow, and rushing off to the next yard to do it all over again is about to become obsolete. Up to now, there has not been an easy way to build a customer base with multiple customers at the same stop. The Local Lawn Service system changes all that.

Think about it!

In essence, you are losing money every day you are not using the Local Lawn Service Advertising and Marketing System!