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Amusement Park

Our main concern is your entertainment

Jersey City, New Jersey

+1 444 777 9999

Closed now
Fashion Inc.

Fashion is art!

Montréal, Québec

+1 555 888 9932

Closed now
Flower Shop

One flow for one happy person.

Toronto, Ontario


Professional Photos

We save the special moments for eternity.

Toronto, Ontario


Real Property

We can sell it for you

New York, New York

+1 232 883 9932

Restaurant One

The food taste like never before.

Wolcott, New York

+1 232 883 9932

Tea Shop

Enjoy our best tea for a great day!

Abita Springs, Louisiana


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Grow Your Business

So, you want to grow your business.

You gotta know your customers.

You gotta know:

- What motivates them

- Their pian points

- Where they get information

- How do they spend their free time

Effective Advertising - You have to answer all of these questions and more.

Which route will you take?

Go-It-Alone or Get-Help

For all of those Do-It-Your-self-ers, this can be a full-time job!

Plan on becoming an expert in several areas like social-media platforms, copywriting, advertising, and marketing.

Here are some typical yearly expenses you can expect:

Website: Websites are front line source of information about your company. The annual cost of a website can quickly add up to a hundred or more, when you take into account your domain name, hosting, SSL Security, and search engine optimization.

Now you have to get people to visit your site.

Facebook Advertising: Cost Per Click (CPC), in the lawn service industry, each CPC can be a dollar or more.

To get 100 visitors to your website every week, would cost a little more than $5,000 for the year. ($1.00 per view x 100 views per week x 52 weeks).

Depending upon the quality of your copywriting, you may get 1% to 2% to take the action you want, and ask for a quote.

Creating awareness of your company and the services you provide takes time and regular postings.

Local Newspaper: Be prepared to pay $12,870 for the year ($495 x 26) if you want to take out a quarter-page Ad one day per week in your local paper. Depending upon where you live, a quarter to a full-page ad can cost between $495 and $1890 per issue. (Artwork and Design not included) These prices vary with the readership size of your local newspaper.

Let’s hope the readers see your ad before it gets thrown into the recycle bin or ends up at the bottom of a birdcage.

Newspaper readership has been in a steady decline, leaving many news publishing companies on the verge of closing.

Local Lawn Service advertises on multiple social media channels.

Radio Advertising: There are lots of variables that make comparing prices difficult:

• Size of the audience

• Day of the week

• Time of day

• Length of the spot (you ad), typically measured in 15, 30, or 60 seconds

• The number times your ad is broadcast

For example, the same one week of advertising campaign of 15 Spots, Mon-Fri and 4 on Sat-Sun)

- New York City would cost nearly $5,000,

- Topeka, Kansas would cost a little over $230.

Annual Radio Advertising Expense New York City = $260,000 Topeka = $11,960

Reach Out to As Many People as Possible

Be More Productive Advertising on a single media channel (Facebook, Local Newspaper, or Radio) can easily cost you more than $25,000, $36,000, or even $260,000 each year. This is like adding a $2,000, $3,000, or $21,000 monthly expense to your business. For many lawn businesses, this is out of their price range.

Local Lawn Service System provides you with:

• Advertising materials to leverage your social media channels

• Annual advertising campaigns that bring visitors who are actively searching for a lawn pro to take care of their yards to the LocalLawnService.com website.

• An internet presence where warm leads will see the neighborhoods you work

• Customer surveys, services you provide, and your contact information

Think about it--New Customers close to the ones you already have. You don’t have to pack up and drive to the next yard. You’re already there.

Through the power of group advertising, we can keep your annual membership price much lower than the expense of going it alone.

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